The routine OHIP-funded vaccine schedule for most healthy children is listed below. Please note that high risk children may have additional requirements.

-2 months: Pediacel (DTaP-IPV-HIB), Prevnar 13 (Pneu-C-13), Rotarix (Rot-1)

-4 months: Pediacel, Prevnar 13, Rotarix

-6 months: Pediacel

-12 months: MMR, Menjugate (Men-C-C), Prevnar 13

-15 months: Varicella

-18 months: Pediacel

-4-6 years: Quadracel (DTaP-IPV), MMR, Varicella

-Grade 7: Menactra (Men-C-ACYW), Hep B, Gardasil (HPV)

-14-16 years:   Adacel (Tdap) and every 10 years thereafter

-Every year starting at age 6 mos: Influenza vaccine


Please contact our office for more details about updating your child’s vaccinations. Don’t forget their yellow vaccination card!